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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • handbook
    handbook 相关内容
  • i18n
    Issues or MRs related to internationalization
  • Updating to newer versions of the dependencies GitLab requires (Ruby gems, NPM packages, GitLab Workhorse, GitLab Shell, Gitaly...)
  • Pipeline implementation or improvements
  • Simplifying or restructuring existing code or documentation
  • Test coverage improvements that were not included in feature prioritization
  • General improvements to product usability that are unrelated to feature prioritization
  • Improvements to the engineering workflow automation
  • This tag will be automatically added to MR by Triage-ops when Triage gives a milestone modification suggestions to this MR.
  • milestone delayed
    When an issue is delayed to the next milestone, Triage Ops will automatically add this label to the issue
  • need spike
    Issues require the involvement of engineer to make further technical research
  • priority1
    We will address this as soon as possible regardless of limit on our team capacity. See
  • priority2
    We will address this soon and will provide capacity from our team for it in the next few releases. See
  • priority3
    We want to address this but may have other higher priority items. See
  • priority4