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    Add global priorityClassName · a79bd8e5
    Robin Elfrink authored
    This MR adds the option to specify `priorityClassName` for pods in the chart and all included subcharts.
    See the [Kubernetes documentation on PriorityClasses]( for detailed information.
    Setting `global.priorityClassName` in the main `values.yaml` will result in all pods installed by this chart to be configured with the named `PriorityClass`, with the exception of GitLab Runner and Prometheus; these subcharts do not inherit `global.priorityClassName`.
    A test has been added that sets `global.priorityClassName` to `system-cluster-critical`, and checks if all resulting `Deployments` and `Jobs` have `priorityClassName: system-cluster-critical` in their pod specs.
    As a default installation does not include `StatefulSets`, `DaemonSets` or `CronJobs` these are not tested.
    Changelog: added